Participate in our Fall Zombie Run 5K!


If you choose to be a Human, your mission is to save the Human Race. You must get to the Finish Line with your Brains, Heart, and Entrails (flags). The future of the Human Race is in your hands.

If you choose to be a Zombie, your mission is to infect the Humans with the Zombie virus by eating the Humans’ Brains, Hearts, and Entrails (capturing their flags). You may be a Creeper (slow moving) or a Leaper (fast moving) as you race to infect as many as you can before you reach the Finish Line.

If you choose to be Immune, you are not susceptible to the zombie virus, nor are you looking to infect others by taking flags. Make it to the finish line at your own pace.

COST: $30 for members, $35 for non members
After 10/8 pricing will go up by $5

WHEN: October 22nd, 2022 | 9AM

LOCATIONS: Chesterfield